Lyrics and Music

Exclusive from my favorite playlist, where the lyrics and music intertwined into a beautiful tale :

And he uttered in his shaky voice, ‘hello, its me’  `Adele

‘I don’t quite know, how to say you about what I feel’  `Snow Patrol

‘But am just like you, if you only knew’  `Louis

‘Am hungry for laughter and here ever after’  `Kenny Roger

If she would ‘made him her radio, hear his thoughts in every note?’  `Stereo Hearts

That if someday ‘she was his girl, he could change the world’  `Kenny Rogers

And the man kept his hopes high with ‘i could be the one’  `Dua Lipa

Sigh! the ‘lady’ wont believe in his song,  `Kenny Rogers

When he started having the ‘feels’,  `Calvin Harris

And felt ‘heavy,’ but there was so much comfort in the panic  `Linkin Park

Told her ‘nobody here’s perfect, oh but everyone’s to blame’  `Andrew Belle

But she kept saying, ‘you just want attention, you don’t want my heart’  `Charlie Puth

And now it seems she knows, she doesn’t wanna know him  `James Blunt

‘He realized that we all, are the prisoners of our own device’  `Eagles

But never thought he had ‘drown in his shallow heart’  `James Blunt

Kept wondering ‘oh simple thing where have you been’  `Keane

And ‘Where does the good go’  `Tegan and Sara

He only wished, ‘at the edge of the ocean, they could start over again’  `Ivy



The less routine the more life!

While my mind had called truce from trying to work after the lull following lunch, i reasoned if my Friday afternoon in office could be spend doing something off Routine..
While focusing persistently on what i had achieved this week, it made me realize that the best I had done was to stick to the usual routine, if not anything else. Oh the routine!–rout(route) –in(oneself) to the —e(expected pattern of life) as we say, so predictable, safe, and a known territory yet so unsought by all. If only we were not at the same time for work, not having to do the same kind of work, and not having to take the same route to work, spending the time looking out from the same window seats.
While the society boosts about following a solid routine for a successful life, our best ideas is generated during the time the mind is caught off-guard. Getting off-the routine is new, fresh and challenging. It gives our wary mind find some peace in the whirl, life keeps throwing at us. While Isaac Newton devised his theory of Gravity after witnessing an apple falling from a tree, it made me ponder if he had ever contemplated to understand the gravity of the situation(pun intended) sitting under a tree. If not make us a scientist as great as Sir Isaac, it will definitely unravel a different perspective to our lives. This could well translate to ‘thinking outside of the box’, as to thinking differently and taking the off-beaten path in life. While I just did some out of the box write-up , while not finding a single article approving about going off-routine, am sure this will resonate among many like us.

The Perfect Stranger

Meeting a stranger can be totally fleeting and meaningless, for example, unless you enter the individual’s world by finding out at least one thing that is meaningful to his or her life and exchange at least one genuine feeling. Tuning in to others is a circular flow: you send yourself out toward people; you receive them as they respond to you.” ― Deepak Chopra
‘Everybody is always a stranger. Nothing is ever familiar’. However, there is always a familiar face behind every stranger. We cross the same unknown people every day, for several months, but they still remain as strangers to us. Then in a simple twist of fate, our paths intertwine- that brief hello in the lift, the coffee break with a common friend of us, or that compliment she gave her. In these strange setups, every friendship gets a story.
They are the people you take coffee breaks with, rewinding after a hard day’s work. With colleagues becoming friends, it is always to do with something more than work; a common hobby, a shared interest, meaningful conversations, good understanding and inspiring each other for what they believe in.
They are people you travel with. But they are mostly people you travel to. They are people you least expected in your life. They are people you laugh with. You get so used to seeing them every day. You find comfort in the silence and harmony in their words. They end up becoming people who just make you really happy. You know that opening the door and letting them in was the best thing you could have ever done for yourself.
However, one thing that I have always pondered on is…we can never remember the start of these events… How did we meet? What made us talk? When did we exchange our numbers? When did our friendship start? Nevertheless, we all have a story to tell and cherish forever.

5 seconds of Happiness

Peace isn’t a permanent state. It exists in moments. Fleeting. Gone before we even knew it was there. We can experience it at any time, in a stranger’s act of kindness, a task that requires complete focus or simply the comfort of an old routine. Every day we all experience these moments of peace. The trick is to know when they’re happening so that we can embrace them, live in them. And finally let them go  – Grey’s Anatomy

 When I happened to read this, it made real sense to me. Recently, I did experience this truth of the matter, that moments bring happiness, and not just achievements or goals. When I finally achieved the goal I was chasing since a year, the peace and tranquility did not last for more than a day. The next day, I was again running behind the ‘other’ aspirations of my life. This self realization made me step back and introspect as to what had made me truly happy.

Peace and happiness are indeed felt in the tiniest moments of our day, which are mostly missed out by us. It feels like a touch and go, gone before we even knew they were there.  It could be as simple as the realization that you had a wonderful sleep at night or the calmness around after an afternoon nap. That satisfied feeling after eating your favorite food which you relish the most or having the first bite of your dinner after starving since long. It could be a compliment that your team mate gave you or a small chat with your travel companions. It could be a friendly hello from a person you cross everyday or a smile from your crush. It could be the Friday high or the weekend thrill. The excitement to come back home after months, and to get to sleep in your room, everything looks as it was earlier. It could be a long chat with an old friend or remembering the good old college times. That uncontrollable laughter while checking out old crazy videos and pics with your friends. It’s in these moments that the sun shines a little brighter and the thrill is best said in Javed Akhtar style ‘Apne hone par mujhko yakeen aa gaya’. Hence, look out for those 5 second happy moments, embrace them, live in them, and then let them go.  As they say, there are some things money can’t buy, for everything else, there is a MasterCard.

They say..

It is 8 am Sunday morning, and my mind is still thinking while am asleep, about all the things people have had to say about me.Everyone must have had their reasons for the way they feel about me.. And so i penned down everything i had heard about Ashwini…:)

They say i am sweet, but they don’t know how tough i can be

They say am rude, maybe they haven’t seen my kind generous heart

They say am funny, well, it takes brains to crack a joke

They say i talk senti, sing this ‘senti hoke baatein bhi mein kar rahi huun senti’;

They say i laugh a lot, they don’t realize that the joke is always on me

They say i look lost, yes, i have been searching myself all the while

They say am an entertainer, sigh! they don’t realize that life is but a stage

They say am insecure, yes, they don’t know how much i have lost all the while

They say i am talkative, believe me, i enjoy good conversations

They say i am a quiet person, strangely they haven’t seen my thinking mind

They say they understand me, surely they would if they had walked the journey with me

They say i write philosophical, well, this is the only way to come closer to myself

They say this, and they say that, and at the end, all i have is them, so i better believe them….




The Plugged-in World

As i searched for the earphones in my work-bag,i looked around and found the clicking sounds of the keyboards around, the only assurance that my team mates were at the desk. I had got used to these empty silences, with just a murmur here and there. I was waiting longingly for this quiteness to break.Frantically, i reached out to my earphones-my only saviour. I plugged-in reassuring myself that all would be well now, thinking hard which music would fit my mood. Then, i did something which came as a surprise to me. I turned around to tell my colleague sitting beside…”hey, dont plugged-in for some time as i have a deadline to finish this work.” He looked startled, but settled for a comforting nod.

This uncanny situation motivated me to write down my feelings. I wondered if someone would have reacted in a similar way as i did. Why was i taking permission of my colleague to listen to music, before i got lost in my own world? I gave him an excuse that music helps me concentrate better on the work. Truth was, i was trying to break the monotonous silence. However,found it rude to be disconnected from my immediate neighbour at work, so was informing him.

Research shows that listening to music with earbuds or headphones not only cuts down on background noise but may also give employees a sense of control over their aural environment. But does having a constant soundtrack to your day also distracts you from the task at hand? It depends on the task you are doing.Under some conditions, music actually improves our performance, while in other situations music makes it worse — sometimes dangerously so.

All parameters taken into consideration, i personally feel that when i turn around to talk, i shouldnt be looking at a earphone-plugged in colleague, lost in his own world oblivious of whats happening around him. Sadly, this is the growing trend, and i also see myself a part of it. In our urge to have our own space,we are cutting out the sound which connects us. It serves as the basis for the connections between human beings in society.Surely, we are connected,but only virtually,not emotionally. So, we are living in a plugged-in world with a disconnected society. People, just unplug those earphones and plugin to those around you.

Addicted, are you?

Before i start scrutinizing over this topic, let me admit , i am a big time addict of facebook. My day starts and ends with scrolling the recent updates on my cell-phone. Infact, it has become the best alarm for me. It always forces me to open my eyes to look at those silly, however sometimes interesting statuses and updates. Surprisingly, as i write this, i still have the fb page open in background, enough proof of my addiction!

I sometimes wonder if my life would have been different without it? Ofcourse, people did live before fb came into existence. The only difference was that the photos clicked, made way to the walls of their home instead as their profile picture. There were undoubtedly many more friends calling up to wish rather than “happy birthday..god bless!!”postings on the wall. Also, there would have been more meaningful conversations than the usual templates “ r u dear” with “dear” being used universally for everyone. I could suggest facebook a good business-strategy: launching fb templates…for opening chats, closing chats, happy birthday wishes, good night templates:- to improve user-friendliness.

I have personally experienced the anxiety one faces during the first few hours(can also extend to days) of uploading a cute pic or a jazzy status. Will one more like or comment hardly matter? Will it make any difference if you did not acknowledge each like and comment with a “thanx@x, thanx@y”. I am sure no one is bothered about your relationship statuses except your crushes. Moreover, the long chats would never have been possible without- hmm and 🙂 which saved us when we had nothing else to reply back.

If facebook had occupied our lives a tad bit early, the easiest essay topic during school would have been: facebook-a boon or a bane. i already feel like i just wrote one!!

Troubled Heart

Happened something, that never had before

As I tried closing my eyes, felt this I couldn’t ignore.

Tears rolled out on my cheeky shore –

Was this because I forced shutting my eyes to the world?

Or was my heart crying out from all its core

They say,-

“Left eye weeps sadness and the right happiness” ;

Why the heart is left alone in distress?!

How amazing is God’s creation,

Joy, grief, faith, envy, lust, love, hate –

So many feelings to savour

And, the poor soul, the alone curator.